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...Círbann o Alassiel Meril-Finnel... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Aug 2004|12:37am]
Many names have I been called, besides my birth name of Alassiel (coming from the Quenya word "alasse", meaning "joy"...How ironic that is.)

I am sometimes called, by those who care for me, Meril-Finnel ("Rose-Hair") most often, or Mistelleth ("Wandering Elf Maid"), Ind-Harn ("Heart-Wounded") and by others still, Lach-Ri ("Flame-Crown").

None of these are truly me, for they all seem to dwell on my faults, my misgivings, my failures: My lost parentage, the strange hue of hair given to me by my misborn misfortune (my shame!), my sorrows, no matter how poetically phrased.

Is that all that makes Alassiel what she is?

Or is there more that I may offer?

Im úvaer.
Im ring.
Im dem.
Im penorven.
Boe enni dulu.
Suil Ennui, erio thûl lín i faer hen.


[18 Jul 2004|07:43am]
Thing have changed yet again greatly since I last wrote here, mellon nin.

I have departed the House of those I dwelt with, and the affection I shared with a Galadhrim general that I spoke of here before is no more.

Duty, time, and circumstance have severed that link and although I will forever remember him fondly, and regret the loss of what could have been. I will say no more on the matter.

I journey again now, but my intended path is hazy before me. In the morning, after I rest, I shall loose an arrow from the Lorien bow that was once my father's, and follow the direction in which it leads me.

Hîr e-Hûl, togo bilinn nín.
Anno enni vellas, gaun.

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